Energy crisis barrier to world famous fireworks display in germany


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As a result of the sanctions implemented after the russia-ukraine war, the energy crisis in europe deepened.

The energy crisis is tightening austerity on european countries.

The german government, which took action to save energy after the increase in gas and electricity prices, also turned off the night lights of many public buildings.

An annual festival held traditionally in berlin, germany, was also hit by the energy crisis.

Fireworks show canceled
the fireworks show “kölner lichter (lights of cologne)” has been canceled this year.

In the statement made by the kölner lichter organizing committee, it was announced that the world-famous musical fireworks show, which was planned to be held in july 2023, was canceled due to the fact that it became impossible to manage the costs.

According to the information provided by aa, it was stated in the statement that there was a major financial crisis due to the energy crisis that emerged due to the effects of the war between ukraine and russia, and that the future of the festival was uncertain.

Energy crisis obstacle to world famous fireworks show in germany #1

around 800,000 people watched the show.
The show, which is traditionally held with fireworks fired from ships on the rhine, accompanied by music, was watched by approximately 800,000 people from different cities in germany as well as from various european countries.

The demonstration, in which tons of explosives were used, was criticized by environmentalists for threatening natural life.

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