According to sources, about to withdraw from investment


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According to sources, about to withdraw from investment After Garg’s dismissal, the Center’s previously revised speech from the committee was to adhere to a reserve level that fully encompassed the dangers of turmoil in finance, foreign exchange, and money markets. Therefore, he agreed to undertake a new method to protect the ninety-nine. 5% of market threat to ninety-nine% of RBI can be accepted by many good enough different critical banks. The committee also agreed to have a buffer of potential danger for the “wet too”. “Fixed as a headline for a financial or financial stability disaster and at five-five-6.5% of Herbie’s balance sheet length.

Based on the current balance sheet length, RBI’s extra provision is estimated at Rs eleven,608 crore in the high band and fifty-two,637 crore in the bottom and the board of directors has decided to choose the latter. . Coming here to transfer surplus or dividends to the authorities, the board encouraged that the major financial institution’s total net earnings of Rs 1.23 lakh crore for 2018-19 could be switched. While the RBI and DEA under Garg didn’t share any first-class family members, there were few upsets for the financial services department (DFS) that used Kumar. After the fight with Urjit Patel, the RBI and DFS decided to tackle at least three controversial issues – less chaotic regulations for MSMEs, relaxation of norms for stressed banks, and suspension of capital buffering for banks that are starting to put pressure on them. To them.

They said they wanted to make sure that the government wanted vital issues, including reservation coverage in PSUs, to be discussed barehandedly to ensure that no arguments arose after the stock dilution. According to the sources, the groups that can be taken to withdraw from the investment include IOC, NTPC, electricity Grid, Oil India, GAIL, NALCO, BPCL and EIL. They made it clear that no final opinion on the method has been received and that a Cabinet statement will be issued once the discussions are over. They also pointed out that the amount of dilution has not been finalized and may depend on how discussions continue.

The assets also said the government aims to complete at least two to three such events during the zero.33 area of ​​the state-of-the-art 12-month economic cycle that concluded in March. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in her first Budget speech in July that officials are considering going to the best stage in a case below fifty-one percent where the project is supposed to remain in the authorities’ control. Depends on the situation. Authorities also decided to change the policy of holding 51 percent of the authority, including the shares of institutions run by the presidency, to maintain a 51 percent stake, he said.

In a post-budget interview, then-Dipam secretary Atanu Chakraborty said: “Basic knowledge is that we can get below fifty-one percent on a case-by-case basis. There should also be how to calculate 51%. Hüokayümet also decided to change its policy to serve fifty-one shares, which consists of shares obtained from state-controlled entities. Significant stock is held with the back help of public monetary institutions or moving holdings, which adds to the fifty, which leaves a good enough trail for people to enter. According to sources, about to withdraw from investment Now, with that, the flow is extra.


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